It's Time To Support Local Business!

As many in our club and greater community have seen recently a long-time sponsor and all-round staple in our community is on the verge of shutting its doors for good. Ridgeways Barbers, owned by Colin Ridgeway on Church Street reached out to the wider community of Skerries on the 22nd of September reminding us of the reality that unfortunately due to the Covid crisis many fantastic small businesses have despite going to great lengths and showing great enterprise, found it extremely difficult to survive during the current uncertainty. Ridgeways have been an amazing support to our club for many years whether it was their annual sponsorship of the club, providing haircuts to so many in the community and even providing jobs to so many in the Skerries Town FC family. During the pandemic the term ‘Support not Sympathy’ has been used when describing the hardship faced by small, local pubs throughout Ireland. We at Skerries Town believe that this sentiment should be shared with all small business struggling as a result of the current pandemic. So, while it may be easy to sympathize with the struggle of Ridgeways Barbers, we are urging all our members and the members of the wider Skerries community to please support this business the same way they have supported us for so many years! Please find a link to Colin Ridgeway’s original post below and please get out there an #GetYourHairCut!